Mike Vukmir
By Mike Vukmir
Now that Bernie has endorsed Joe Biden, those of us who are looking for relief from the burden of perhaps a 20% co-pay for Medicare or perhaps from a United Health Care Policy that costs $957 a month, has a $10,000 deductible, then a 20% copay up to a max out of pocket of $20,000 now have to look to progressives in the U.S. Senate and House who are running, like Eva Putzova, to move our progressive, single-payer health care coverage goals forward.
Being a small business owner in Casa Grande (10 high skilled employees), it’s simply impossible, with the above health care rates, to provide health insurance to my employees and remain competitive with much larger industries who can spread the insurance cost over many employees, age brackets and negotiate substantial volume rate reductions. This cripples companies like ours that must compete with labor from China and India and then large American industries for labor who can afford health care and thus access to older higher skilled employees.
Small businesses are the backbone of America. Not having single payer does them no service in the world market. Eva will help lead that effort in the House.
Mike Vukmir is a resident of Maricopa and president of Environmental Equipment Services Inc. of AZ in Casa Grande.