The Densmore family, as part of their Candy Cane Lane holiday display, have a table where kids (and kids at heart) can write letters to Santa.

This year, Dawn Densmore said the family pumped up its North Pole-bound pony express with hundreds of request forms for Santa’s workshop on tables inside the grand front-yard display.

Kids from 3 to 50-plus shared what they wanted from Santa and checked off whether they’ve been very good, mostly good, a little naughty or very naughty.

Some letter-writers shot for the moon, asking for $2 million in cash or a Dodge Hellcat. Others wrote more poignant letters, asking Santa to bring hope and peace. Children self-identified as both naughty and nice.

Here is a sampling of some of the letters:

  • “Anything” is what 10-year-old Mia wants.
  • “Please help my mom,” Anan, 8, asks Santa.
  • “Milk and diapers,” is what Cruz Gonzales, 4 months, requests of Santa, obviously through his parents.
  • Crystal, 18, tells Santa she’s very sad. “I would like all my problems to go away and not be depressed. I appreciate this house’s décor because it brings me joy. I hope you have a blessed day and happy holidays.”
  • Niema, 11, asks Santa for “lots of food for all of the dogs in the world that need help. And one more, please can I have an amazing pet dog, or any pet dog. I promise I will take 100% care of it. Thank you, Santa and Merry Christmas!”
  • Kenzie, 19, tells Santa she’s stressed. “I would love for my man and I to live happily ever after. Thanks, Santa, P.S. I love your house. It brings so much joy. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays.”
  • Ella, 9, asks Santa for a hamster. She tells him: “I do know that it will be a lot of responsibility, but I will care for it. I also want all the supplies for the hamster.”
  • Ailynn, 11, asks Santa for a million dollars.
  • Antonella, 12, says she’s been “very naughty.” She tells the big bearded elf she wants “nothing, because I know I’ll get charcoal.”