Local business aiming to make Thanksgiving ‘easy’


Entrees Made Easy is encouraging Maricopans to start a new family tradition this Thanksgiving: don’t cook.

The Maricopa company offers both assembly of pre-selected meals and pre-prepared meals. It is providing a three-course Thanksgiving dinner option to those who prefer to not spend the bulk of their holiday in the kitchen.

“It’s designed to eliminate a lot of the stress of the holiday meal,” according to co-owner Brett Carlisle, who opened the franchise with his wife, Sue, in March. “We want to make it easier to enjoy time with your family, which is what Thanksgiving is all about.”

The menu for the two meal packages, one feeding six people and the other 12, is:
• Boneless turkey breast prepared with choice of spiced cranberry sauce, fresh herb rub or Cajun rub
• Choice of traditional Yankee style or Southern style stuffing
• Choice of three sides: mashed potatoes with gravy, sweet potato casserole, cremini mushroom and green bean casserole, potato gratin, roasted corn casserole, roasted winter vegetables
• Choice of desserts: pumpkin pie, Dutch apple pie, pumpkin bourbon cheesecake, ginger spice pumpkin surprises

Orders must be placed online (click here) by Saturday or via email to maricopa@entreesmadeeasy.com by Sunday.