Work on the new Denny's site is among projects changing the profile of Maricopa.

A proposed Denny’s received a commercial permit Sept. 6 as Halabu Development prepares to construct a 4,041-square-foot diner. The property is at 21195 N. John Wayne Parkway, near the southeast corner of the Smith-Enke Road intersection. The project is valued at $532,644.

Permits continue to come in for the Edison Pointe development north of Fry’s Marketplace at 20595 N. John Wayne Parkway. Chasse Building Team received a commercial grant Aug. 23 for buildings A, B, C and D on the property for the project valued at $7.5 million. Chasse was also granted a commercial permit Sept. 18 for Pad B of the ongoing construction at Edison Pointe. The Vintage Partners project will house Ross Dress for Less, Goodwill, Brakes Plus, Burger King, Dunkin Donuts and Planet Fitness among others.

DRH Construction is converting one sales office into a garage and converting another garage into a sales office. DR Horton had been using the garage space at 40733 W. Sanders Way as its sales office in Homestead North. As that returns to being a garage, the developers will create a sales office out of a garage at 18501 N. Crestview Lane in Glennwilde.

A new wireless communication facility is in the pre-application process on property at 19000 N. Porter Road. The project is listed as Coal Creek for T-Mobile.

Maricopa Lutheran Church, which currently has its services in Desert Wind Middle School, is in the pre-application stage of building on a parcel on the northwest corner of White and Parker Road and Santi Road (formerly Cowpath). Aug. 31, the property received a permit for a flow test for a fire line and hydrant.

Nearby, Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church received a grading and drainage permit on its large property at 40929 Santi Road. The company in charge of the work, Ellison-Mills Contracting, received a delinquent notice on its out-of-town business license.

This item appears in the October issue of InMaricopa.