Locals Pitch In to Refurbish Library


The Maricopa Community Library underwent an extreme makeover on today. Over 30 local residents came out to beautify and clean up our library. One thing is for sure: you won’t recognize the building. The beautification was the idea of Mary Lou Smith, a longtime resident and head of the City of Maricopa’s Library Advisory Committee. The Library Advisory Committee consists of Hermina Anderson, Lisa Baker, Shelley Gillespie, Linda Johnson, Kathy and Patrick Lacy and Marisa and Marty McDonald.

What a difference a few dedicated citizens and plants can make!

“The enthusiasm and fervor displayed today by many willing workers who turned out to spruce our community library reminded me of the community spirit of other days,” Smith said. “The faces were different but the camaraderie was the same. Maricopa has always been a place where friends helped each other although our town is growing up friendliness and helpfulness will continue to be a landmark of our community.”

Todd Peterson, a Tempe landscape specialist, was called in to redesign the layout and did a tremendous job. Peterson spent a week from dawn to dusk digging irrigation lines and planting approximately 65 plants. Volunteers helped spread 144 tons of rock, painted the rails, changed out light fixtures and cleaned the bookshelves.

“It was a great turnout for a great cause,” explained Marty McDonald, Maricopa’s new Director of the Parks, Recreation and Library Department. “The Library has meant so much to so many people over the years that a project like this has injected enthusiasm and excitement into our library system.”

One of the day’s highlights was the seeing the original Maricopa Station Sign, which designated the Maricopa rail station, permanently hung above the door to the Arizona History section at the library. The Cole Family graciously donated the sign.

While most of the work was completed in the clean up, there are a few items that remain to be completed such as the addition of three trees, a park bench and a bike rack.

But perhaps eight year-old Noah Baker best summed up the project. “It’s a gazillion times better,” Baker enthusiastically stated.

The City of Maricopa Library Advisory Committee would like to thank the following project sponsors for their donations and assistance:

• Baker Transport
• Creative Walls and More Inc.
• Maricopa Mountain Plumbing
• Old West Rock Depot
• Randy Lingo Trucking
• Scott Company
• Southwest Sod
The City of Maricopa Library Advisory Committee would like to thank the following individuals for donating their time, supplies and energy to making the restoration project a success:

• Lucy Akers
• Arnulfo Arellanes
• City Council Candidate Steve Baker
• Cesar Barraza
• Don Clubb
• Becky Elmshauser
• Mayor Edward Farrell
• Deven Garay
• Eddie Garcia
• Councilman Kelly Haddad
• Jane Henig
• Pat Hoerig
• Lucy and Dick Kelly
• Randy Lingo
• Julie Matthaeus
• Don Pearce
• Wendi Siber
• Pinal County Supervisor Canidate David Snider
• City Magistrate Scott Sulley

If you are interested in helping or making a donation please contact the City of Maricopa at 568-9098.

Dan Clubb (left) and Eddie Garcia (right) were among the volunteers who helped beautify the library grounds.
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Volunteer Kelly Haddad