Man accused of assaulting woman, attempting to crash car on way to hospital


A man charged with assaulting a woman Wednesday night is accused of grabbing her neck, causing her injury and attempting to drive their car into a pole on the way to a local hospital, according to police. 

Luis A. Hernandez, 34, was charged with assault (domestic violence), unlawful imprisonment (domestic violence), resisting arrest, threatening and intimidating (domestic violence), and disorderly conduct (domestic violence), police said. 

Officers were summoned about 10:45 p.m. to the hospital, where they interviewed the victim, police said. The woman seemed extremely afraid and nervous as people entered and exited a hospital room, according to police, who said they observed redness around her neck and chest, as well as a scrape with fresh blood on her elbow. She was observed struggling to swallow, complained of pain as she coughed and could only speak in a low whisper, police said. The nursing staff informed officers that the victim could not speak at all on her arrival. 

Hernandez allegedly assaulted the victim by grabbing her neck, pushing her around and pulling her hair after an argument that escalated when they returned home from an outing, according to a probable cause statement. 

The victim told police that when they arrived at a residence in Rancho El Dorado, Hernandez allegedly pushed her into a front window and placed his right hand around her neck, which did not restrict the airway, but did hurt the victim, police said. Hernandez allegedly told the victim, “Remember me the way I am because you are going to die,” police said. 

Once inside the residence, Hernandez allegedly pulled the victim by the hair into the master bedroom, telling her to get her stuff and leave, the probable cause statement said. 

The victim told officers that when she grabbed belongings and tried to leave the home, Hernandez allegedly pushed her near the front door and again placed his hand around her neck, said police, who noted the woman said she was beginning to lose consciousness and struggled to stand when Hernandez released his grip. 

The victim told officers she suffered the elbow scrape when Hernandez pushed her to the ground as she left the house, the probable statement said. 

When the victim tried to walk away from the residence, Hernandez allegedly threatened to run her over if she did not get in the car, police said. The victim told officers she complied. During their ride to the hospital, the woman said Hernandez allegedly repeated that she was going to die and attempted to crash the car into a light pole but avoided it after the victim opened the door and screamed for help, police said. Hernandez allegedly grabbed the victim by her hair and pulled her back into the vehicle, according to police. 

At the hospital, the woman said she took the keys to the car and went inside for safety. 

Officers contacted Hernandez at the Rancho El Dorado home about 1 a.m. When officers told Hernandez he was under arrest, he allegedly refused and pulled away from officers and back into the house, the probable cause statement said. 

Multiple officers were injured before Hernandez could be handcuffed, police said. 

Hernandez was arrested and booked into Pinal County Jail, where he remained as of Thursday afternoon, according to online jail records.