A Maricopa man is facing multiple domestic violence charges after his arrest Wednesday afternoon.

Michael Walker, 45, is charged with aggravated assault, criminal damage, resisting arrest and two counts of disorderly conduct after an incident at his mother’s house, police said.

Walker and his fiancee visited his mother at her home on West Balboa Drive in Acacia Crossings. During their visit, Walker consumed two Four Loko alcoholic beverages, and became angry, calling his wife a, “f—— whore,” and calling both her and his mother a, “b—h,” police said.

Walker’s mother told him to leave her house because of his aggressive behavior, while his fiancee stated she did not feel comfortable leaving with him, according to a police report. After he was locked out of the home, Walker began striking his fiancee’s vehicle with his hand, allegedly breaking the rear passenger window and causing multiple dents, police said. Walker would later admit to these actions, police said.

When officers arrived on scene, Walker allegedly motioned with his hands for them to come get him and told them “F— you” and saying he was ready to “take on a dude.”

Walker began approaching one of the officers, repeating the statement. The officer attempted to grab Walker by his arm to stop the aggressive advance but was quickly brushed off. After several more attempts to handcuff Walker, he continued to pull away and tense his arms, keeping them under his body, police said.

Officers used a stun gun on Walker, police said, and he was arrested and booked into Pinal County Jail.

If convicted, he could face up to three years in prison, according to Arizona statute.