Gary Perkins (PCSO photo)

A man was arrested March 18 by Maricopa Police on suspicion of credit card fraud. His girlfriend was also arrested by MPD officers on domestic violence assault and disorderly conduct charges.

According to a Maricopa Police probable cause statement, Gary Perkins was arrested on North Grantham Road on an “active nationwide extraditable warrant for 16 counts of credit card fraud.”

The officer was initially dispatched the area on “a disturbance call between a male and a female.”

After running a background check, they discovered Perkins was wanted on the warrant. He was placed under arrest, transported to the Pinal County Jail and awaits extradition.

Perkins’ girlfriend, Laura Hughley, told officers she was “punched and pushed by her boyfriend,” according to a police probable cause statement.

“Gary had scratches on his left arm and on his right hand. The scratches on his right hand were bleeding,” the officer wrote in the report. “Gary stated he arrived at the listed residence to get tools from a friend. Gary stated he was inside the residence when there was a banging at the front door.”

Perkins told officers he went to the door and saw his fiancée standing outside. He said his girlfriend must have left work early and tracked him to the location.

“Gary said Laura was yelling and cursing at him,” the officer wrote.

Perkins decided to leave to avoid the escalation of the situation and he got into his vehicle to drive away, but she blocked his car with her vehicle and attacked him, he told police.

“Gary said Laura pulled the key from the ignition and broke it off the key ring,” the officer stated in the report.

Perkins told police he didn’t hit her but rather pushed her to get her off him. Two witnesses to the incident confirmed Perkins stories to officers.

“Laura stated she tracked Gary to the listed address through his cell phone. Laura said Gary has previously lied to her, so she arrived at the residence to find out what he was doing,” the probable cause statements reads. “Laura said Gary attempted to leave by getting into his vehicle, which is owned by her. Laura said she got the keys from Gary to prevent him from leaving.”

Hughley told officers she was the one who was pushed and punched. “But the only injury I observed was scratches on her hand which is consistent with Laura and Gary struggling for the vehicle keys,” the officer wrote.

She was arrested for domestic violence assault and disorderly conduct after the officers were at the scene for about a half hour.


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