Police gathered at the scene of the arrest behind Fry's. Photo by Jim Headley

After a few tense moments, Maricopa Police arrested Robert Gomez Jr. behind Fry’s Marketplace Monday morning.

Robert Gomez (PCSO photo)

The call started out as an alleged domestic violence assault, but seven police officers eventually converged at the arrest scene, including one undercover officer. At least eight members of Maricopa Fire/Medical units were there to provide aid.

Gomez remains under investigation for the alleged assault, but he was already wanted on outstanding warrants and taken into custody by Maricopa Police.

“We received a phone call initially about a disturbance,” said Ricardo Alvarado, Maricopa Police public information officer. “A domestic dispute between two parties – a male and a female.”

Alvarado said the original report was that the man had left the scene and was traveling in a vehicle and being followed by the woman.

“Our officers located the vehicle as it was turning into the parking lot by Planet Fitness, off Edison,” said Alvarado. “The vehicle continued towards the back alleyway that goes along the back side of the businesses, to include Fry’s Marketplace. As the supervisor went to stop the vehicle, the rear door opened, and the subject exited the vehicle and attempted to flee. He made it about 20 yards and he tried to hide under a tractor-trailer that was parked there in the back.”

Alvarado said a police sergeant was able to call him out of his hiding place without incident.

It was determined that he had several outstanding warrants out of Coolidge and he was arrested immediately by Maricopa Police.

“We are still investigating the call that initiated all of this,” Alvarado said. “What we are investigating now is who the person was that was actually the aggressor in this case.”

The woman who called police and followed Gomez to Fry’s received medical attention at the arrest site. According to Alvarado, she had a cut lip.

“She had jumped in her vehicle and was following him. She was giving us [information] where the vehicle was going. Once our supervisor got involved, she disengaged. She stopped in the parking lot by Planet Fitness.”

She initially refused medical treatment.

“We are currently investigating this,” Alvarado said. “We have one version that says he was the aggressor and we have another version with witnesses saying he wasn’t the aggressor and that he was merely trying to leave and that the female tried to attack him. He apparently pushed her away to get in the vehicle to leave. We haven’t made a determination, yet. He has outstanding warrants, so he’s under arrest for them.”

Photo by Jim Headley


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