Man who says he drank jet fuel arrested on multiple charges 


A man was arrested on suspicion of assault on an EMT among other charges after being told to leave a middle school’s grounds and telling officers he drank jet fuel, police said. 

Ethan Krampitz, 21, was booked into Pinal County Jail on Monday on suspicion of aggravated assault, assault, driving under the influence of drugs and trespassing. 

According to police, Krampitz was transported to a hospital after he told them he drank jet fuel. 

At the hospital, Krampitz aimed toward a healthcare professional while relieving himself, police said. 

During transport, Krampitz kicked an EMT in the chest and arm, while knocking the glasses off the EMT’s face before being subdued, according to officers.  

Maricopa Police said the incident began when a man drove through a police roadblock set up for an unrelated incident.  

Later, the driver, identified as Krampitz, entered a middle school to drink water, police said, adding that security officers told him to leave twice before he complied.  

Krampitz was found nearby at North Los Gabrieles Way and West Santa Monica Avenue, in the Tortosa neighborhood, a block from Desert Wind Middle School. Krampitz admitted to entering school grounds, and was acting “erratic,” the probable-cause statement said. 

Police said Krampitz did not comply with their commands to keep his hands out of his pockets and stand still. 

Officers found marijuana edibles in Krampitz’ vehicle, and, due to Krampitz’ behavior, a search warrant for a blood sample was obtained. Results are pending. 

For driving through the roadblock, Krampitz was cited for failing to obey a police officer, failing to obey a traffic-control device and passing on the right side off the roadway. 

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