The Maricopa team took the CERT lead for exercises in Florence on Saturday. Submitted photos

Maricopa’s Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) joined volunteers from Florence and Oracle and more than 250 first responders to participate in an active-shooter exercise at Pinal County Superior Court Saturday.

Law enforcement and fire personnel from Pinal and Maricopa counties practiced the full-scale scenario in the daylong event.

Maricopa volunteers led the CERT operations. They brought in a CERT trailer, popup shade shelters, rehab cooling chairs, six ice chests, cooling towels, bottled water, ice, radios, tables and chairs to assist. There were 21 CERT volunteers from the three agencies.

CERT also assisted in staging area resource management, the medical treatment tent and participant accountability.

“The exercise required planning, radio communications, inter-agency cooperation and confidence, and to practice vital CERT skills under the Incident Command System in real time,” Maricpoa CERT Safety Lead Bill Robertson reported.


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