Maricopa Ace Hardware shooting a national commercial this week. Photo by Edward Hamaker Jr.


Ace Hardware Corporation is pleased to announce that Maricopa Ace Hardware achieved designation as a “Pinnacle Performance Retailing” store for its outstanding performance.

It is the fifth year in a row the Maricopa store has won the award.

“What this means for our customers is that we are more committed than ever to providing our loyal shoppers with the best possible retail experience,” owner Mike Richey said. “From customer service to product offerings and more, we’re taking ‘Ace helpful’ to a new level.”

Developed as part of Ace’s long-term retail growth strategy, 20/20 Vision, Pinnacle Performance Retailing is laser-focused on Ace’s customers. Maricopa Ace Hardware is one of only a few hundred Ace retailers to achieve this prestigious Pinnacle status. To achieve Pinnacle Performance Retailing, the team at Maricopa Ace Hardware successfully completed a number of key performance drivers that will help them provide a better overall shopping experience in their local community.

One example of a proven performance driver is “Helpful Certification,” the foundational element of Ace’s “Certified Ace Helpful” retail training curriculum. To become certified, Ace Hardware associates complete courses such as Helpful 101 and 201 and the store conducts a week-long team-based certification event. 

“For a store to achieve Pinnacle Performance Retailing is an outstanding accomplishment,” said Dan Miller, corporate vice president of Retail Operations and New Business. “We’re pleased to recognize Maricopa Ace Hardware and its associates for their outstanding achievements, and proud to say they’re a part of the Ace family.”