Maricopa Elementary leads after first round of Academic League


Maricopa Unified School District launched its fourth annual Elementary Academic League Jan. 26 with this year’s first competition.

Host schools, Maricopa Elementary, Pima Butte and Santa Rosa, ensured that panel tables and buzzers were set up. Volunteers were present to help with the competition.

Friends and family members were in the audience at each site to support the students on the panels, and the contestants, wearing their school’s colored shirts, showed team spirit.

Each school’s panel collaborated on answers in an endeavor to earn points for their team in a  “one for all and all for one” mind set.

Results for the first round of competition were:

MES vs. Santa Cruz: 

Total points 5th grade:  MES =13,  Santa Cruz =12
Total points 4th grade:  MES = 14, Santa Cruz = 13

Pima Butte vs. Butterfield:  

Total points 5th grade:  Pima Butte = 37, Butterfield =12
Total points 4th grade:  Pima Butte = 13, Butterfield =22

Santa Rosa vs. Saddleback:     

Total points 5th grade:  Santa Rosa = 27, Saddleback =18
Total points 4th grade:  Santa Rosa = 12, Saddleback =16

Academic League coaches will be working with the teams to prepare for the next round of competition on Feb. 23.

“This was an exciting event for all. We want to give a big thank you to everyone that made this event possible,” said Korrin Ledbetter, MUSD Academic Achievement coach.

Here are some examples of past Academic League questions (for 4th and 5th graders):

-The Earth’s rigid out layers are broken into what?
-A liter is a measure of what?
-What was the first name of Barney Rubble’s wife?
-What is the probability of rolling two “1’s” on a pair of six –sided dice?
-If you purchased a sweater for $12.50 with 6 percent sales tax, how much would you actually pay?

Answers: Tectonic plates, capacity, Betty, 1/36, $13.25

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