Maricopa girls basketball 2nd in section tourney


The Maricopa Rams girls basketball team finished second in the Division II Section IV tournament with a 55-45 loss to Seton Catholic.

In Saturday night action at Coronado High School in Scottsdale, the Rams held onto a lead through three quarters.

“They played really good,” coach Kati Burrows said. “Our effort and our attitude were amazing. We came out to play. We had the intensity.”

In the fourth quarter, however, Maricopa scored only six points, all free throws, while the Sentinels threw together 17.

“We had just a few lapses in our play where they were able to get easy buckets,” Burrows said. “And I think in the end, in all honesty, that’s what killed us.

“It wasn’t the fourth quarter; it was letting up on some plays in the second and third quarters.”

Though frustrated with foul calls, the Rams were able to use Seton Catholic’s height advantage against them.

“We have a lot of very athletic girls, and we’re able to take them off the dribble and we can get to the rim,” Burrow said. “In the fourth quarter, we stopped doing that and stopped going to our strengths.”

Maricopa faced Seton’s twin towers of Jenn and LeeAnne Wirth (both sophomores over six feet tall) but had far more trouble with freshman Sarah Barcello, who led all scorers.

For the Rams, senior Jamila Rogers scored 12 points, followed by Raegene Womack’s nine, and Tyra Williams’ eight. Seniors Ashliegh Haley and Tiara Edmond kept up a strong defense, with the latter twice scoring off her own steals.

“We got a little tired and got back on our heels when they went on a little bit of a run and stopped doing what made us successful,” Burrow said. “And you can’t do that at this time of year.”

Seton Catholic is ranked No. 2 in the division, and the Rams are ranked No. 10.

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“The positive from the game tonight is we have another game to play,” Burrows said. “Some teams don’t get this opportunity. Even if we don’t like losing, we still have another night.

“We’ll have another chance at them.”