Maricopa man suspected of assault with his vehicle

Assault Arrest

Maricopa Police arrested a man who struck another man with a vehicle following an argument in the Villages at Rancho El Dorado neighborhood on March 19.

At approximately 3:15 p.m. Sunday, officers responded to a call of a blue Ford Mustang running into a pedestrian following an argument near Lindgren Drive and Jocelyn Lane.

Upon arrival, officers found Dalton Hardman limping down the sidewalk. He was examined by emergency crews, who determined he did not have life-threatening injuries.

Hardman told officers an acquaintance punched him in the face then drove up onto the sidewalk and hit him with a vehicle. Although he refused to identify the man, police learned the vehicle’s owner was Frank Amato.

Multiple witnesses told police they watched as the two men argued over allegations that Hardman sexually assaulted Amato’s friend. Following the argument, witnesses saw the Mustang driven up onto the sidewalk and run into Hardman.

Two hours later, Amato told police he punched Hardman once in the face, then returned to his vehicle after he allegedly saw Hardman holding a knife. Amato said he “floored” the accelerator, hitting Hardman as he left.

Amato was arrested and booked into Pinal County Jail on charges of assault and aggravated assault.