MPD patrol car

Gunfire shattered a quiet Sunday evening in a Maricopa Meadows neighborhood.

As many as 15 shots were heard and muzzles flashes seen about 9:30 p.m. on Miller Way, between Belle Avenue and Dutchman Drive, according to Luis Vila, a spokesman for the Maricopa Police Department.

Several residents called 911 to report the gunfire. The incident is under investigation.

Vila said a police canvass of the area revealed shell casings in the street, driveway and yard of a home. Some were also found in the garage. The total number of recovered casings was about 20, police said. There were no injuries reported.

In a Facebook post, a resident who said he lives seven houses from the targeted home said it was “riddled with bullets.”

“I was outside when it happened and grabbed my gun for safety,” he wrote. “Maricopa is not what it used to be. So sad.”

According to police, officers talked to the homeowner, who advised she had a friend staying with her. The friend’s ex-boyfriend showed up and the couple got into a verbal argument. He was told to leave the property and he left. About 15 minutes later, however, the homeowner heard multiple gunshots. She told officers she did not see the anyone firing weapons and when she went to investigate, her friend and her ex-boyfriend were no longer in the area.

MPD investigators are attempting to talk with the friend of the homeowner. The ex-boyfriend of the friend was questioned by Maricopa police detectives and booked for violating an order of protection.

This incident comes just three months after gunfire erupted on a Glennwilde street.

If you have information about the Maricopa Meadows incident, please call the non-emergency line at (520) 316-6800. If you would like to get involved and help your community, MPD is always looking for volunteers to get involved.