Maricopa Elementary School PE teacher was on Channel 3’s AZ Family Morning Talk Show.

Maricopa Elementary School physical education teacher Paul Krigbaum was featured along with four Maricopa Unified School District students on Channel 3’s AZ Family Morning Talk Show on Sunday.

The segment was focusing the program called “Beyond Sports and Fitness” that Krigbaum uses and sees students that are eager to exercise every day for 2 ½ hours after school (except for Wednesday).

Lifestars is a running program that he has started using in this after school program.

“The goal of Healthy Lifestars is for kids to become ‘LifeStars’ by setting and achieving a series of goal setting, exercise and nutrition goals,” Krigbaum said. “The kids are rewarded for incremental accomplishments with LifeStars (a lanyard with stars). Every kid who accomplishes all the goals of the program receives a certificate designating them as a LifeStar. Channel 3 featured the kids going over some of the exercises we do after school. I also talked about the impact of the program and the growing obesity problem our children face today. Programs like this help lower the obesity rate for kids.”