Doolittle Tokyo Raiders

A flag-raising to commemorate Pearl Harbor Day is planned for Friday at 8 a.m. at the Maricopa Police Department Substation at Copper Sky, 17985 N. Greythorne Drive, with the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

Arizona author Linda Thompson will sign copies of her new World War II novel, “The Plum Blooms in Winter,” released Dec. 1. Published by Mountain Brook Ink, it is the first book in the Brands from the Burning series and winner of the American Christian Fiction Writers’ Genesis award. It is dedicated to the Doolittle Raiders of 1942.

Friday marks the 77th anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor on Oahu, Hawaii, by the Empire of Japan, instigating the 1941 entry of the United States into WWII, which had been raging in Europe since 1939.

All residents, especially veterans, are invited to Friday’s event.


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