Maricopa relaxes business signage rules for holiday season


For the 10th year in a row, the Maricopa City Council is initiating a Special Event Permit program to assist in promoting local business awareness and economic growth.

During the holiday season, businesses will be permitted to display, free of charge, additional signage and decorations to promote holiday shopping and create an enhanced, festive atmosphere.

There is no need to apply for a permit; participating businesses need only to follow the program criteria and guidelines or contact City offices for assistance.

The program runs Dec. 7-Jan. 8 and applies to Maricopa businesses located in industrial or commercial business zones.

Contact the City of Maricopa Planning Division at (520) 316-6920 or visit the City’s website,

This event applies to any business with a current City of Maricopa business license located in Commercial Business Zones; CB-1 (Local Business Zones), CB-2 (General Business Zone), CI-1 (Light Industry and Warehouse Zone) and CI-2 only.

This event is intended for decorations, displays, temporary signs, banners and pennants for the holiday season for the specified time mentioned above.

Banners and pennants shall be displayed only on the building and not within the parking area or perimeter landscape due to public safety regulations, unless granted approval from Planning Division staff.

All electrical devices shall be UL listed and rated for exterior use.

Electrical extension cords shall be exterior grade, grounded and weatherproof.

All signs/displays/decorations shall be removed from the property by Jan. 8, 2017, and will be the responsibility of the individual business owner.

No signs/displays shall be located in a manner that impedes or restricts vehicular, non-vehicular, pedestrian traffic or within the specified visibility site triangle at driveways and intersections.

Repeated violations of the sign code may/will result in code enforcement action.

Businesses taking this special event opportunity should not be in violation of any other City Ordinance, County Ordinance, State or Federal Law relating to public health, safety and welfare.

Those businesses under the regulation of POAs (Property Owners Association) should receive permission from Leasing/Management agencies and may be limited as to their participation in this event.

If it is deemed necessary in the interest of public safety, protection, health and morals, the City reserves the right to remove any or all signs, displays or decorations from the business site as applicable. The City may prohibit or restrict a Special Event Permit in response to complaints received from adjacent property owners or the general public.

All businesses are encouraged to work in unison to make this a successful event. This Special Event Permit is designed to promote local business in the City and shall not be misconstrued otherwise.

If meeting all event criteria, no individual City of Maricopa sign permits are required to participate in this event.

Businesses participating in the program may not apply for a temporary banner of sales event immediately following the conclusion of the Special Event Permit. Participating businesses will be required to wait 14 days before applying.

All proposed temporary signs shall conform to City Code Article 409.12