With Independence Day right around the corner, many folks have one thing on their mind – fireworks.

This year, the City of Maricopa will stage two simultaneous high-altitude fireworks displays, instead of the traditional display at Copper Sky Recreation Area due to COVID-19 guidelines. The park will be closed at 6 p.m. and residents are encouraged to view the displays from their homes and backyards.

As of 11:30 a.m. Friday, 323 people had answered our informal poll on Inmaricopa.com, which asked: Do agree with the City’s plan for fireworks this year?

65% of voters agreed with the plan, while about 27% did not. Eighth percent of those who voted did not know how they felt about it.

On Facebook, commenters expressed opinions on the topic.

“I agree with this difficult decision. It’s true we need to figure out how to resume daily life as safely as possible, and we shouldn’t shut down again but a large public gathering is a REALLY BAD idea for the moment,” commented Ivan Pour. “I applaud the city for responsibly recognizing this reality while allowing the fireworks to continue!”

Others believed the $25,000 for fireworks wasn’t the best use of the money.

“I would prefer just seeing a replay of previous years’ fireworks displayed on a big screen with tasteful music. Let’s start a new trend of not blowing up anything anymore. It is such a waste of money and harmful to our environment. Not to mention the stress it causes to vets and pets,” said Robin Delgado.

Other comments included praise for the City promoting a responsible plan in light of the COVID-19 pandemic people saying they were happy to relax at home to watch the light show.