Maricopa Wellness Center was awarded InMode’s first head-to-toe body contouring specialist in Arizona in 2020. This has ensured that Maricopa Wellness is not just a leader for body contouring in Maricopa but the entire state.

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Body contouring continues to be one of the fastest growing areas in aesthetics. This, combined with ongoing innovations in non-surgical treatment options, means it is an exciting time for patients to achieve long-lasting, full-body sculpting results with little to no discomfort or downtime. Evolve and Evoke by InMode offers non-surgical body contouring through its hands-free devices to sculpt your body, tone your muscles and smooth your skin from head to toe.

What is Evolve or Evoke Technology?
Evolve is for the body and Evoke is used on the face. The Evolve and Evoke technology use radiofrequency (RF) energy to provide targeted skin tightening, cellulite reduction, and fat reduction. Evolve is effective for refining skin and reducing fat in the abdomen, flank, buttock, arms, hips and thighs. Evolve uses an innovative solution to increase muscle strength in difficult to tone areas. Evoke can be used to diminish wrinkles, increase elasticity and decrease skin “sagging” in the face and neck. Radiofrequency treatments (such as Evolve and Evolve) work wonders on loose skin from head to toe.

Treatments are customized for a more defined appearance without incisions, scarring or downtime. Evolve body uses electromagnetic energy stimulating involuntary muscle contractions to tone muscles and improve your natural physique. The Evolve System employs multiple technologies to target fat tissue, tone muscles, and remodel skin and tissue. Both Evolve and Evoke can be customized and tailored to fit your specific needs without the need for surgery.

All the procedures under the umbrella of the Evolve and Evoke Systems require no incisions, pain or down time. As a non-invasive treatment, both are proven to be safe and effective for all skin types. Clinical studies show that Evolve reduces more fat per treatment than either CoolSculpting or Sculpsure. But, Evolve body also has the added benefit of tightening the skin and smoothing out the appearance of the treatment area.

Patients generally find treatments with Evolve and Evoke to be extremely comfortable. You will experience a warm sensation of the skin as the applicator technology identifies the optimal temperature for the thermal energy. You will not feel any pain or discomfort. Additionally, Evolve and Evoke were designed with the ultimate in application safety and patient comfort in mind. The technology utilizes built-in thermal sensors that allow us to monitor the temperature of the skin’s surface throughout treatment. If any discomfort is felt, patients can push a button that will pause the treatment and let their provider make any necessary adjustments.

There is no recovery period after your Evolve or Evoke treatment. Sessions last 45 minutes to 60 minutes, depending on the treatment and treatment area. After treatment you can immediately get back to your day. Patients typically see results with Evolve or Evoke within three to eight visits, when treatments are done once a week. Because Evolve and Evoke are non-invasive, it’s much less expensive than procedures like liposuction, face lifts, tummy tucks or skin lifts.

Maricopa Wellness Center is proud to be one of the first practices not only in Arizona but the entire country to provide non-surgical body contouring with Evolve and Evoke by InMode. Are you ready to take a step toward a more youthful appearance? Tighten up, smooth it out and tone it up with treatments at Maricopa Wellness Center. No matter whether you choose Evolve or Evoke, we can provide a customized treatment plan to help you reach your aesthetic goals. All procedures are available at Maricopa Wellness Center. Learn more about this exciting non-invasive, thermal skin and body treatment. We offer free consultations.

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