A Maricopa woman was arrested on domestic violence charges Oct. 20 after two incidents involving her husband.

A Maricopa Police report shows Maria Weber was arrested on charges of assault and disorderly conduct for a Oct. 20 incident and criminal damage charges from one on Oct. 18.

According to police, on the evening of Oct. 18, Weber used a screwdriver to punch holes in the wall of the bedroom of her estranged husband at his residence on West Ramona Street. She is also said to have set a pillow on fire and dumped oil on a bed.

The second incident occurred on the evening of Oct. 20. Police said Maria Weber was involved in a “verbal argument” with her husband.

“She recklessly threw three baseball-sized rocks at [her husband],” a police report reads. “One of the rocks struck [him] in his left ankle.”

After this, she is said to have begun, “yelling and excessively using her vehicle horn, while in front of [her husband’s] residence.”

Maria Weber allegedly admitted to the crimes to police after her arrest. Her son is said to have provided witness statements against her as well.


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