Erin Darr is scheduled to be arraigned on 10 counts Friday. (PCSO photo)

A 35-year-old Maricopa woman stands indicted by a Pinal Grand Jury on 10 counts of child abuse.

Erin Darr was accused by the grand jury Dec. 27 after allegations of the woman making a girl eat her own vomit after she became ill from eating spoiled food.

Maricopa police originally arrested Darr last month for the allegations, which include physical abuse. A member of her family confirmed the allegations against Darr, though she denied them.

Darr is scheduled to be arraigned in Pinal County Superior Court Friday on eight counts of child abuse (class 4 felony) and two counts of child abuse classified as dangerous crimes against children, an enhanced class 2 felony.

Darr remains in the Pinal County Jail on a $50,000 bond.