Maricopans discuss views on Stonegate ‘village’ project

As of 11 a.m. Friday, 150 people answered our informal poll.

The developers of Maricopa Stonegate, a proposed “village” of homes, shops and restaurants along Maricopa-Casa Grande Highway, received approval from the Planning & Zoning Commission this week. So, InMaricopa asked the community how they felt about the massive project coming to the city.

As of 11 a.m. Friday, 150 people answered our informal poll, which asked: Do you like the idea of the “village” concept planned for the 46-acre Stonegate project off of the Maricopa-Casa Grande Highway?

About 69% of voters said they were all for the development while 24% were not, and 7% said they were undecided.

In a Facebook post promoting the poll, Maricopans shared their views on the project, good and bad.

“I think this is a phenomenal idea. One of the key things to sustainability is densification and incorporating amenities, jobs, and housing all within walking distance,” Lee Senn commented. “Combine that with top-notch public transportation to connect those places that are not walkable/bikable and we have a recipe for success!”

“Nope because it reminds me of what happened where I lived on the westside of Portland, Oregon,” said Sue Swanno. “Looked great on paper, but the reality of it created crowded streets, no on street parking, too many people in one area.”

The “village” concept is part of the City’s 2040 Vision for new neighborhoods.