Maricopans’ wish list for 2017

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Photos by Mason Callejas

We asked Maricopans: What would you like to see in Maricopa in 2017?

“I just want to see joy, health and happiness for the community in 2017. But, I’m really looking forward to the groundbreaking of the overpass.” – Fitzgerald Johnson

“I just want to see prosperity and economic development.” – Kendra Johnson

“We’re starting to grow again, so I’m excited. I’ve been here since the boom, so I’m hoping that Maricopa keeps growing.” – Helen Ford

“I would like to definitely see a lot more community support, ways that we can help each other and stay connected better, and maybe some more development programs for youth.” – Marina Love

“I’m looking for a really prosperous year in terms of development, and I see good things coming.” – Santa Claus (Rich Huggins)

“I’d like to see the Maricopa Center for Entrepreneurship doing more for the kids coming out of high school. When they come out of high school they don’t really know how to go into the workforce or how to properly apply for jobs.”  – Susan Cameron

Fitzgerald Johnson (from top), Kendra Johnson and Gerald Johnson. Photo by Mason Callejas
Fitzgerald Johnson (from top), Kendra Johnson and Gerald Johnson. Photo by Mason Callejas

“My truck got broken into. And, we recently found some graffiti on the walls in Acacia … so it’d be good to see a little more [law] enforcement, just driving through [neighborhoods].” – Robert McAlister

“I’d like to see some more jobs for disabled people, or more people willing to hire more disabled people. It’d be good to see a center for seniors, too.” – Alonzo Anthony

“I’d like to see more parents keep their kids in Maricopa versus trucking them out to Chandler, because all of our best students are leaving Maricopa schools.” – Mac Mooney

“I want to see more restaurants, breakfast places like Denny’s or IHOP, not just the little hole-in-the-wall places.” – Michelle Balon

This article appears in the January issue of InMaricopa.


Susan Cameron with her art. Photo by Mason Callejas
Susan Cameron with her art. Photo by Mason Callejas


  1. "More restaurants, breakfast places like Dennys and IHOP." What? More boring cookie cutter excuses for food? Support your local restaurants. These people are supporting members of your community, not a faceless mega conglomerate. Their children go to your schools. They support you with their taxes. Granted , it seems like the Sunshine Cafe has fallen on difficult times, whether a new cook or less than excited servers, but, with our support, they will improve. I love the Headquarters, what a wonderful view in Maricopa's past, and inexpensive, hard to find in todays food world.

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