Marlene Pearce
Marlene Pearce, a Maricopa resident, is a candidate for Pinal County Supervisor in District 4.

By Gloria Eddy

I am writing this letter for my continued support in the upcoming election for Marlene Pearce for Pinal County Supervisor, District 4.

I own a small diner in Arizona City called Flashbacks Diner, and have faced several challenges with trying to get a project done a few years ago. It was an ongoing issue with the county in trying to obtain a permit for a patio cover, for the purpose of increasing our business and needed revenue. After much frustration for two years, I was given the contact information for the Supervisors office, where Marlene got involved, and within a week the issue was resolved and we were able to get the permit issued. The restaurant has been very challenged with the previous shutdown due to COVID-19, and limited seating that we are required to have. Marlene contacted our restaurant and notified us of a business Sustainability Program for small businesses in rural areas. This program helped us continue to operate and retain our employees.

Recently, we had an issue with a block wall fence that needed replacement, and again ran into issues with the permit. Once again, Marlene intervened and fought for us to get the issue resolved, and she did as she always does with great tenacity and doesn’t take no for an answer.

To Marlene, it does not matter if you belong to the red or blue party, she works for the people and the community to get things accomplished. She has orchestrated several Community Clean Up events in the last few years to make it a better place for all of us.

In the past, I have never gotten involved in any part of politics except for voting. I have and I will continue to support Marlene to my fullest capability, as she is the one that is most deserving of this position, and it would truly be a loss to not have her as the Pinal County Supervisor. I don’t know who Jeff McClure is, as I have never seen or heard of anything that he has done to help our community. Marlene is truly the number one choice!!

Gloria Eddy is owner of Flashbacks Diner in Arizona City.