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Tuesday, Mayor Christian Price proclaimed March Women’s History Month:

Women’s History Month proclamation

Whereas, women of every race, class, and ethnic background have made historic contributions to the growth and strength of our Nation, our State, our County, and our City in countless recorded and unrecorded ways; and
Whereas, women contribute to the local, regional and national economic development as business owners, partners, executives, entrepreneurs and managers; and
Whereas, women have played and continue to play critical social, cultural and economic roles in every sphere of life by constituting a significant portion of the labor force working inside and outside of the home; and
Whereas, women have played a unique role throughout the history of Maricopa by providing much of the volunteer labor force in our the City, and
Whereas, women created and continue to play a vital role in sustaining Maricopa’s charitable, philanthropic, and cultural institutions; and
Whereas, women of all races, ages, and ethnic backgrounds have served, and continue to serve, as leaders and valued members of our City government, department Directors, public safety, and staff; and
Whereas, women have served our country courageously in the military; supported and encouraged military families through their leadership and contributions in auxiliary organizations; and
Whereas, despite all of these incredible contributions, we continue to honor and respect women throughout our history, and presently, for their great deeds & accomplishments, but also in their cherished roles as mothers, wives, aunt’s, sisters, nieces and grandmothers; and
Whereas, we wish to recognize and acknowledge all women for their wisdom, strength, resolve, compassion, dedication, perseverance, devotion and unwavering love to all mankind;
NOW, THEREFORE, I, Christian Price, Mayor of the City of Maricopa, do hereby proclaim the month of March 2018 asWomen’s History Month in the City of Maricopa, Arizona.
Dated this 20th day of March, 2018


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