Mayor: Prop 469 would help all Maricopans


As the new mayor of the City of Maricopa, I remain concerned about an old problem that needs to be addressed. Roads and freeways in Pinal County have not kept pace with our growth. That’s why I am asking you to vote YES on

Proposition 469.

Prop 469 reauthorizes a sales tax to pay for a long list of transportation needs, including vital improvements to State Route 347 in and out of Maricopa.

These new roads and freeways will enable our first responders to get where they need to be faster, and that could save lives. That’s why Prop 469 has been endorsed by Sheriff Mark Lamb, Vice Mayor Vincent Manfredi, former Mayor Christian Price and many others.

The new infrastructure will also attract new businesses and job creators to our community, so more of us can live AND work in the city. It helps our emerging job centers by increasing capacity and access. This project also includes needed funds for Dial-A-Ride services for seniors and the disabled.

Importantly, this plan funds the creation of the East-West Corridor between Maricopa and Casa Grande, a 21-mile, four-lane project that would begin at State Route 347 in Maricopa and extend east through northern Casa Grande, connecting to Interstate 10.

Prop 469 is not a tax hike. It simply reauthorizes the transportation sales tax to satisfy the courts. The transportation plan and a sales tax to pay for it were approved by Pinal County voters in 2017. Unfortunately, Phoenix-based special interests convinced the Arizona Supreme Court to rescind the tax in a split decision.

In fact, the economic development that would result from Prop 469’s passing would ultimately lower the tax burden on residents.

The plan also includes roads, highways and bridges designed to benefit every part of Pinal County. Keep our city and county moving, literally, in the right direction by voting yes on 469.

Please join me in voting YES on Proposition 469. You can find more facts at – New Roads and Freeways Now

Nancy Smith

Mayor, City of Maricopa


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