"MORE GOOD NEWS: Roadways in Maricopa are expanding," Mayor Christian Price said.

Mayor Christian Price provided the public with more news regarding roadwork in the city in addition to work being done on State Route 347 in September.

In a post on his Facebook page, Price highlighted the expanding roads in town as well as the completion of the low-water crossing at Bowlin Road, which initially was not supposed to be finished until Christmas 2021.

“For those of you that live or frequent the Tortosa, Sorrento, Rancho Mirage areas, the Bowlin Road connection, low water crossing and paving will be open WAY ahead of schedule and will be officially open this Saturday, Aug 22,” Price said. “Major kudos to our streets team that moved this project along! This will be a much-needed connection corridor for the east side of Maricopa.”

Price said Maricopa can expect to see beautification measures being taken on SR 347 medians within the city and work on the long-awaited monument at the north entrance of town, originally revealed at last year’s State of the City address. Price thanked ADOT and the Ak-Chin and Gila River communities for being instrumental in moving city projects along.

“Keep your eyes open LOTS MORE TO COME!” Price said.

The Mayor’s full post can be seen below:

MORE GOOD NEWS: Roadways in Maricopa are expanding. For those of you that live or frequent the Tortosa, Sorrento,…

Posted by Christian Price on Wednesday, August 19, 2020