Measles diagnosed in Pinal County family


The Pinal County Public Health Services District identified four cases of measles in one family Thursday.  

The Kearny family traveled to Disneyland in December. They are believed to be linked to the ongoing multi-state outbreak associated with the park. All four family members affected were unvaccinated.

The Pinal County Health Services District is in the process of identifying anyone who may have been exposed and is working with the Arizona Department of Health Services and other organizations to notify those at risk.
Measles begins with fever (101-plus degrees F), red, watery eyes, cough and runny nose. This is followed by a maculopapular (red, raised and blotchy) rash. The rash begins on the head at the hairline and moves down the body to the lower extremities. The rash may last five to six days and turns brownish. Symptoms typically appear seven to 12 days after exposure to measles but may take up to 21 days.

A person with measles is considered to be contagious four days before rash onset (generally one day prior to fever) through the fourth day after rash onset.
"This is a case where a family that has decided to not vaccinate their children are experiencing the consequences of that decision in a very real way," said Public Health Director Tom Schryer. "These cases of measles will trigger a very intensive effort on the part of public health throughout the state and nation to identify others that they had contact with who are also unvaccinated so we can stop the transmission of this serious disease."
Two doses of MMR vaccine provide full protection against measles. Those that have not been vaccinated or have just received one dose of MMR should obtain vaccination immediately. For those that are unsure if they have previously received MMR vaccination, they should obtain at least one dose of MMR vaccine.