Meet the Teacher: Allison Poulos, elementary physical education instructor


Maricopa Unified School District’s teacher Allison Poulos wants to pump you up.

Poulos is the P.E. teacher at both Maricopa and Saddleback Elementary Schools.

It is her first year in the district. Prior to arriving here, she was a P.E. teacher for five years in Mission Viejo, Calif.

Poulos says she became a teacher because she has always loved sports and physical activities. “I think that teaching is the most rewarding profession there is,” she says, “Physical education, therefore, is the perfect profession for me.”

She decided to take the position in Maricopa to be closer to her family who had moved to the area from Boston.

With regard to her approach to teaching Poulos says she believes learning should be fun. “I strive to find at least one physical activity that every one of my students can enjoy across his/her lifetime,” she says.

Her most memorable teaching experience occurred last year when she created the “Mile Meet.” The meet featured the fastest boy and girl runners from 26 elementary schools. “I loved watching the kids train and work toward improving their running skills. There were more personal records broken than I can count,” she says.

When she is not teaching, Poulos says she likes to explore Arizona and play softball.

Teacher details:

Name: Allison Poulos
School: MES and Saddleback (on T/Th afternoons) Elementary Schools
Grade Level or class taught: Physical education

Photo by Michael K. Rich