MHS asks residents to bring in their books


Whether they are keeping a table level or just collecting dust in the garage, Maricopa High School wants your old or unused books.

“There are books everywhere that deserve a good home,” said MHS librarian Robin Shoup.

Shoup, in conjunction with the Maricopa High School PTO and the high school’s book club, is sponsoring the event to gather books for a Silent Sustained Reading (SSR) program the school implemented earlier this year.

“The idea behind the program is that the more students read the larger their vocabulary becomes,” Shoup said.

Currently every classroom at the high school begins fourth period with this reading time. One problem school officials have found, however, is there are not enough books.

“Students need to have a wide variety of choices, and with the limited amount of books we have in classrooms now, we cannot provide that luxury,” Shoup said.

The criteria for donations to the school are minimal. “We just want books that are in good condition and school appropriate,” Shoup said. Books, at all reading levels, can be either fiction or non-fiction and may be dropped off at the MHS office lobby.

She added that the school would even be happy if books written in a foreign language were donated.

Once the drive ends, the books will be divided among classrooms and the library.

What: Maricopa High School Book Drive
Where: Maricopa High School, 45012 West Honeycutt Avenue
When: Nov. 17-26
More Info: [email protected]

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