Kids tell council what Maricopa needs


City Hall hosted the Maricopa High School blended learning classes on March 19, as students presented their third-quarter projects to the mayor and council members.

The presentations focused on the question “What does the City of Maricopa need to become the best?” Students conducted surveys in the community, researched, and then created a presentation shown to Mayor Christian Price, Vice Mayor Marvin Brown, Councilmember Peggy Chapados and Councilmember Vincent Manfredi.

Presentations included ideas like changes in public utilities, more commercial spaces, increased aid for military veterans, etc. The winning presentation was given by Dylan Hall, Matthew Alvarado, Paul Fakalata and Sonya Martinez promoting bringing a new power company to Maricopa. Students were excited at the opportunity to ask questions of the council after the presentations and were quite appreciative of the time given to them.

***ADVERTISEMENT***The MHS blended learning classes combine English and math in a two period block that incorporates the use of laptops and project-based learning. Blended learning is part of the "College and Career Prepatory Academy" focus at MHS. This is the first year for blended learning at the high school. In the 2015-16 school year the program will expand to include 9th grade and 10th grade classes. Any current eighth grade students or current freshmen interested in blended learning for the 2015-16 school year should contact the MHS counselors at 568-8100.