MHS gets student input to help prevent bullying

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MHS is taking a proactive approach to a potential problem through a 20-question, anonymous survey on bullying and other forms of violence.

The survey was developed to get students’ perspectives on bullying, sexual harassment, staff involvement for prevention, multi-media harassment and their overall safety on campus.

According to Tara Roy, freshman counselor at Maricopa High School, student responses will be used to identify challenge areas.

“We hope to implement some prevention and intervention strategies in the areas our students identify as needing attention. We will also be evaluating our current programs and making changes to address our students’ concerns.”

Bullying is an increasingly serious problem, taking on new forms through the use of the Internet and cell phones. Some studies show that 25 percent of American children experience direct or indirect bullying daily.

Bullying can involve any number of behaviors, including sexual harassment of another student, teasing, excluding a student, calling a student names, physically pushing or attacking, threatening or hazing, spreading rumors, damaging or stealing belongings, or demanding money.

“Bullying and all forms of harassment don’t just affect students and families. They affect the entire culture of a school,”  Roy said.

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