Mixed results in restaurant inspections


According to Pinal County Environmental Services, five inspections were done from Dec. 20, 2022, to Jan. 8. 

Excellent rating 

  • Roots Eatery (Inspected Dec. 28). 
  • Taco Bell (Inspected Dec. 20). 
  • The Salsa Chic (Inspected Dec. 28). 


The Roost Sports Bar & Cafe (Inspected Dec. 29) 

Certified food-protection manager 

  • According to the person in charge, no present employees have a certified food-manager certification.  


  • Internal temperatures of cooked cheese being held in a deep, closed, plastic tub in the walk-in cooler were 87-91°F. Manager said the cheese was cooked and put in cooler about 3 1/2 hours prior. 

Cooling methods 

  • The temperature of blended salsa being held in a deep, plastic, closed/covered container in the walk-in cooler was 55-60°F.  

Time/temperature control for safety food, hot and cold holding 

  • Internal temperature of salsa being held on ice at the expo wait station were 50-55°F.  (<41°F required). 

Consumption of animal foods that are raw, undercooked or not otherwise processed to eliminate pathogens 

  • Offering hamburger “cooked to order”/ undercooked without a complete consumer advisory.


La Quinta Inn & Suites (Inspected Dec. 22) 

Certified food-protection Manager 

  • No employees present have a certified food-safety manager certificate or food-service worker card. 

Using a handwashing sink-operation and maintenance 

  • Open bag of french fries in the basin of the hand sink. Hand sink to remain accessible at all times.