Traffic signal Honeycutt White Parker
A crew works Wednesday on installation of a traffic signal at Honeycutt and White and Parker roads. The intersection is currently a four-way stop. Photo by Kyle Norby

A long-anticipated traffic light at a busy intersection in the eastern end of the city will keep motorists waiting just a little bit longer.

The signal at Honeycutt and White and Parker roads is expected to be operational in mid-July,  according to Luis Vila, communications coordinator for the city.

Originally expected to be completed by June 30, the project is waiting for delivery of a computer on backorder to control the signals, Vila said. Once delivered, it will take a few days to install and program the computer.

This weekend, crews will be striping the intersection, he said.

Currently a four-way stop, the intersection becomes a bottleneck during the morning and evening rush hours as Tortosa, Rancho Mirage and Sorrento residents drive into town or make their way to State Route 347 for the work commute to the Phoenix metro area.

Traffic backups of 15 to 20 minutes at the intersection are common during those peak periods and get worse during the school year when two schools in Tortosa – Desert Winds Middle and Santa Cruz Elementary – let out for the day.

The cost of a traffic signal is generally $250,000 to $350,000, but this project will cost more as it includes realignment of the intersection and a right-turn lane on westbound Honeycutt, city officials have said.