Opinion: Volunteer teacher offers own mandate


I have been teaching math since 1974, and I have been teaching as a volunteer at Butterfield ES since 2016. I have a strong opinion about a mask mandate – I would vote for the mandate.

I wear a mask to school every day that I teach. I am completely vaccinated, but the mask is one more level of protection for me, my students and those with whom I come in contact. I believe that all students are required to have certain shots before being allowed to enter school, there is a mandated dress code and other rules (mandates) that must be followed by staff and students.

For those who wish to leave the masking up to the parent, my experience tells me that some parents will act for their own benefit rather than that of their child. Should a student with head lice be allowed to attend because the child’s parents want the child in school?

It is unfortunate that vaccination and masks have become political rather than issues of health. MUSD has the responsibility to protect the health and security of its students and staff. That, I believe, is a mandate.