Discover Church is one of the entities impacted by the cancellation of rental agreements. Photo by Joycelyn Cabrera


Maricopa Unified School District is reminding families that, though schools are closed for spring break through March 27, the actual closure could extend beyond that time.

Sunday, the state announced the closure of all public school for two weeks, starting on March 16. That included the canceling of all extracurricular activities, including sports, both competition and practice.

MUSD announced Wednesday the cancellation of all facility rental agreements for the duration of the school closure. The district regularly rents space to organizations, including 11 churches. The district estimated it receives an average of $13,000 in gross revenue per month from the rental agreements.

In its announcement, the district said it was not an easy decision but there was an increased and compromising demand on the facilities’ staff to clean areas after renters have left the buildings. “The district will move forward with its plan to deeply sanitize our schools, facilities, and buses during Spring Break using registered disinfectant cleaners,” the announcement stated.

MUSD is putting together a contingency plan in case the school closure continues into April or beyond.