MUSD confirms COVID case at elementary

Saddleback Elementary courtyard


Maricopa Unified School District announced today another case of COVID-19, the third since the beginning of the school year.

A staff member at Saddleback Elementary School reportedly tested positive for coronavirus.

According to the news release, the administration contacted students and employees who “may have been in close or direct contact with the staff member so that those individuals may take appropriate protective measures.”

The school reported no other students or staff with symptoms.

MUSD is following guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control. Locations at the school where the staff member was present were closed off to be cleaned and disinfected.

“Prior to this positive COVID-19 test result, the school had implemented strict cleaning/disinfecting guidelines in all spaces, which will continue throughout this public health crisis,” the district stated.

It was the second case in nine days reported in the district. On Oct. 13, Maricopa High School was notified that a student tested positive.