MUSD Governing Board selects Miller as new VP

Dr. Gary Miller, shown here taking the oath of office after joining the MUSD Governing Board to replace Jim Jordan, was unanimously selected as the board's vice president last Wednesday. [Bryan Mordt]

Dr. Gary Miller was unanimously chosen vice president of the Maricopa Unified School District Governing Board, succeeding Ben Owens.

Owens did not seek re-election to the school board last year. Miller was appointed to fill the seat of his close friend, Jim Jordan, who passed away last February. Miller was unopposed in his bid to retain the seat in last November’s election.

The selection came two weeks after the vote was continued when Torri Anderson and Patti Coutre each received two votes. Miller was absent from that Jan. 11 meeting.

On the second ballot, with all five Governing Board members present, board President Robert Downey asked who would like to serve. All four other members indicated they would serve if nominated.

At that point, Anderson nominated Miller for the post, Downey seconded the motion and Miller was elected by a 5-0 vote.

“I believe that any of the other four MUSD Governing Board members would make a good VP,” Downey said. “Member Anderson has been serving on the board for over 12 years. I supported member Anderson for the VP position because she is capable, like all of the board members, to serve as vice president.

“I also felt that electing her to that position would be a recognition of her dedication to MUSD and her work for the Maricopa community at large. When member Anderson moved to nominate member Miller as vice president, I seconded the motion to support her decision.”

Downey and Miller will serve as president and vice president through 2023. New officers will be chosen in the first meeting of 2024.