Access to the Internet will not be necessary for participating in Maricopa Unified School District’s distance-learning plan.
Starting Monday, the district will make educational resources available to students from preschool through high school. Teachers will be available to deliver hardcopy and online resources.
The district announced its plans on its website Wednesday night.
Public schools, which include district and charter schools, were closed statewide through April 10 during the coronavirus outbreak. Below, see how charters are responding, as well.
MUSD is on spring break, which ends Friday.
Only high school seniors will be supplied a laptop or wifi hotspot to complete their courses. They can check out technology April 1 from 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. near the library if they bring their student ID and a government-issued ID.
“Your child’s teacher will provide more detail for you and your child with information that is specific to their grade level,” the MUSD information states.
Though teachers will provide information about Google Classroom, an online platform, there will also be hardcopy options available.
According to MUSD, teachers will be available during school hours by email or video conferences. They will “connect with families” twice a week.
Students in preschool through eighth grade can pick up hardcopy materials curbside at a time and date to be provided by the schools. High school teachers are developing course materials to be distributed curbside as well. Again, Google Classroom will be used.
More resources here.
Leading Edge Academy has teachers providing weekly video instructions and provides daily ideas for online resources as parents become homeschoolers. Legacy Traditional School presented its remote-learning plan March 20. Heritage Academy will also use online programs to continue classes while campus is closed.

Thursday at Sequoia Pathway, bins will be out for parents to drive by and pick up assignments if they do not have technology at home. The school expects its online teaching for K-12 will be up and running Monday.

“We are excited as we are insuring that our students will be a able to learn and grow in this time,” athletic director Glen Hale said.  “Our hope is that we can bring stability and structure through teachers still teaching and bringing the learning to their doorstep.”