Native New Yorker fundraiser to benefit Pima Butte Elementary School


We all love to eat. It’s an American pastime. On September 20, Maricopa residents have an opportunity to enjoy award-winning food and drink with their friends and neighbors while showing their support for local school children.

Native New Yorker will sponsor a fundraising event with monies earmarked for Pima Butte Elementary School. Proceeds will be used toward the purchase of a desperately needed copy machine and laminator for the school. Last year’s Native New Yorker fundraiser earned $540 for Pima Butte Elementary; this year’s target goal is $600.

Native New Yorker will donate 20 percent of each food bill, purchased with the coupon below, to the school. The coupon will be in effect from 10 a.m. until 11 p.m.

Pima Butte’s PTO urges you to show your support for local schools and to join them at the Native New Yorker restaurant on Wednesday, September 20.

Print and clip this coupon for a 20 percent discount at Native New Yorker on Wednesday, September 20.

Additionally, Pima Butte Elementary School’s teachers and classrooms need supplies. Bring in those supplies, or let Pima Butte turn your empty aluminum cans into cash for classroom supplies. Receptacles to drop off your aluminum cans and school supplies will be in front of Pima Butte at student drop off and pick up times from September 11-15. Please bring whatever you can — many small donations add up, making a big difference in the school’s classrooms.