Navy vet named commander of American Legion post


Bryan Moore, 51, has been named post commander of Maricopa’s American Legion post.[pull_quote_right]We still serve our fellow veterans and current service members. It is just a continuation of our active duty.[/pull_quote_right]

Moore was elected Maricopa’s Bernie G. Crouse Post 133 on May 16. He has been a member of the post for the past two years and has been very active in post functions.

“In any volunteer group you’re going to have a large number of people who are part of the club,” Moore said. “You’re going to have a small portion that does most everything, the 10-percent rule. I fit in with that group. Anytime something comes up, I join in right away.”

He said last year he was elected as first vice commander.

“As first vice commander one of my primary roles was recruitment,” he said. “I recruited a lot of people. They thought I might do well in the commanders spot and keep going in the proper direction with the Legion.”

The Maricopa Post 133 has 140 members.

“There are a lot of veterans in Maricopa,” Moore said. “Most veterans who served did it for a reason, not just to come home to have everyone say thank you for your service. It is something that is built into them. They have that need to serve. A lot of us still have that need, so we join organizations like this. We still serve our fellow veterans and current service members. It is just a continuation of our active duty.”

American Legion Cmdr. Bryan Moore


Moore was active duty U.S. Navy from 1985 to 1990. He joined the Indiana Army National Guard from 1999 to 2003.

Moore works at Sky Harbor Airport as a base manager of maintenance for a regional airline, Compass Airlines. He runs the Phoenix maintenance base for aircraft mechanics and materials.

“I am excited about the growth of Maricopa. I would like to see more industries and better jobs, so people don’t have to commute. We all know what that’s like on the 347,” Moore said.

If you are a veteran and want to reach the American Legion Post 133, join the Maricopa Veterans page on Facebook. It is a closed Facebook group dedicated to the veterans of this city. The page already has 342 members.

“It’s for veterans only and for veteran’s who live in Maricopa only,” Moore said.

The Post’s website can also be found at