New Academic Lab provides high school student preparation


Students at Maricopa High School this fall will have the opportunity to take advantage of a new pass/fail, 30-minute class titled Academic Lab.

Academic Lab is designed to assist students with career and life decisions, help them raise their AIMS test scores, work on math and reading proficiencies and develop their study techniques and skills.

Student Council (STUCO) and Academic Decathlon will also meet during this period and possibly other specialized classes. Counselors can meet with students during this period rather than taking time away from required classes.

According to Principal Burnie Hibbard, four lunch periods are currently used at the high school. This class will be held opposite lunch, allowing for fewer students during each lunch period.

The addition of Academic Lab classes will make the high school day the same length as those at other district schools, thus easing bus and transportation problems. This will also allow for increased passing time for high schoolers whose classes are spread across a larger campus area now.

Overall, Academic Lab provides a creative solution to address several issues. It will be evaluated as to its effectiveness at the end of the school year Hibbard said.

A full schedule for high school students is presently six classes. According to Hibbard it is difficult to get everything students need into that time frame.

“Back to basics requires more and more standards,” Hibbard told the governing board.

Photos by Joyce Hollis