A new traffic light is being installed at the intersection of Honeycutt Avenue and Maricopa Road.

City officials explained in the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) request that the new light is needed because, “Honeycutt Ave and Maricopa Road is a busy and potentially dangerous intersection, especially during school hours.” The Exceptional health Community hospital is also located at this intersection and “the signal would require no changes in existing streets, curbs and sidewalks and give the new hospital a signaled exit. This would allow for safe traffic flows in all directions.”

The estimated cost for this project was included in the Capital Improvement Plan in the current city budget for $800,000.

Intersection of Honeycutt Avenue and Maricopa Road. [Google Maps Courtesy of Christopher Brennan]


  1. We need another traffic light in this town like we need another mexican restaraunt…Oh wait we are getting both. lets put a traffic light in a spot thats going to put more traffic in front of the high school during peak times of the day in turn making it almost impossible to get in or around the area therefore making it more unsafe what could possibly go wrong with that. but wait theres more…on the east side of the light we can now back up traffic onto southbound John Wayne Parkway causing more accidents.