New traffic signal on SR 347 to be activated soon

The Arizona Department of Transportation will activate the new traffic light at State Route 347 and Old Maricopa Road Monday. The signal is designed to improve safety at the intersection for those turning south out of the Wild Horse Pass area. [Jay Taylor]

The new traffic signal system at State Route 347 and Old Maricopa Road, at the southern end of Wild Horse Pass, is scheduled to be turned on by Monday afternoon after a check of the equipment by technicians, according to the Arizona Department of Transportation.

Crews have been at work over the last seven months on a project to enhance traffic movement and improve safety at the intersection.

ADOT has added new merge lanes and traffic lights that will allow motorists on Old Maricopa Road to make left turns onto northbound SR 347. The new northbound merge lane provides room for drivers to accelerate and transition into the flow of SR 347 traffic. A merge lane also has been added along the right shoulder of southbound SR 347 south of Old Maricopa Road.

Drivers are asked to be prepared for new traffic conditions at the intersection and to exercise caution around locations with merging traffic.

Commuters heading to the Valley from Maricopa should not experience much difference in traffic as the northbound lanes do not stop. Southbound traffic may stop based on traffic turning south onto SR 347 from Old Maricopa Road.

The intersection of State Route 347 and Old Maricopa Road, looking east toward Interstate 10. [Google Earth]


  1. Make no mistake, this does absolutely nothing to alleviate the traffic problems on the 347. This light was installed as a convenience at the behest of Wild Horse Pass to ease their own event traffic and make it easier for people to get to their casino, and otherwise serves exactly no benefit to anyone who has to regularly commute on this road. The last “improvement” to the 347 before this amounted to a bunch of rocks of questionable aesthetic value piled into the medians and wrapped together with rusty rebar. Still waiting for any actually meaningful improvements to the only direct route into town.