New transportation company, 3 others approved to operate in city


The city of Maricopa issued permits to four businesses this past week, including a transportation company located within city limits.

The transportation company approved for a permit is Maricopa Shuttle. It is owned by three-year Maricopa resident Karl Piksa.

Piksa started the business about three weeks ago when he was laid off from his job. “I don’t like being out of work so I decided to open a business,” he said.

Piksa’s idea for transportation services arose when he first moved to Maricopa from New York and had extreme difficulties in finding a reasonably priced shuttle service to take him from the airport to his new home.

“There is a great need for a company to shuttle people to and from the airport,” he said.

In addition to running shuttle service to the airport, Piksa plans to transport residents to hospitals, grocery stores and wherever else they may need to go.

“Maricopa is a great place to live if you have a car but, if you don’t, getting simple things done becomes difficult,” he said. “I want to help people get things done.”

Piksa’s business will offer 24-hour-a-day service.

In addition to Piksa’s local business, three companies outside of Maricopa were approved to operate in the city. Those companies were Arm Security Inc, Dr’s Sweet Tea and Lemonade and Desert Steel Builders.

Permits are necessary for all businesses headquartered locally or outside of Maricopa to do business within the city limits. Permits are valid for one year.

The map below shows the contact information, location and other details about all the businesses receiving permits.


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