The Walgreens on Maricopa-Casa Grande Highway is nearing completion of its interior rehab. Photo by Joycelyn Cabrera

Walgreens is under interior construction and maintenance on Maricopa-Casa Grande Highway. The location received approval for a liquor license from city council March 17.

Though on the corner for years, the site never opened as a store, with halted development leaving behind a 10-year-old, unoccupied building. It finally receiving maintenance updates and permit approvals earlier this year.

According to maintenance crew, operations are expected to begin sometime in late April, though this has not been confirmed by the owner or management of the store. A grand opening date is uncertain given COVID-19 concerns.

Meanwhile, the location on John Wayne Parkway has been a focal point for consumers during the COVID-19 outbreak and has had a line people waiting for doors to open.