Observations from Realtor Brian Petersheim

  • The large inventory increase in August 2021 is accurate but looks to be an anomaly. It is due to an increase of listings and a large decrease of homes pended over the month.
  • Median listing price is continuing to rise and is currently $381,878. Home prices will continue to rise slowly until inventory evens out with demand.
  • The least expensive subdivision per square foot is Santa Rosa Crossings, which is unique because they are all brand-new homes.
  • The subdivisions with the highest average sales price are Cobblestone, which has Maricopa’s only basement homes, and Palo Brea, which has some of Maricopa’s largest floorplans at 4,400 s.f. and a large portion of brand-new homes.
  • The subdivisions with the highest price per square foot are Acacia Crossing, Santa Rosa Springs and Sorrento, which can be attributed to the large percentage of smaller, single-story homes. Sorrento has some larger two-story homes, but in the past three months, mostly single-level homes have sold.