Construction crews are conducting removal of tree and debris in the project area as needed to clear the way for their work.  Later this week, crews will place a temporary driveway to the west of the existing driveway at the Amtrak Station at Maricopa-Casa Grande Highway. The existing driveway will be removed and, later in the project the temporary driveway will be replaced with a permanent driveway in that location.

Next week (April 23) waterline crews will work to install water pipeline on the east side of SR 347 (off the roadway) beginning at Maricopa-Casa Grande Highway and moving in a northerly direction. This portion of the waterline work along SR 347 will ultimately cross Honeycutt Road and end just north of Honeycutt Road.

Also scheduled for next week, crews will begin drilling approximately 30 shafts from 40-70 feet deep, which will be filled with tied rebar and concrete to form the foundations to support the columns for the overpass.  Crews are currently working off the roadway to tie the rebar as part of this effort.

Head to for an overview of the project, frequent updates on traffic impacts, project timelines, maps and videos of what the project will look like when complete. The City of Maricopa has also established a 24/7 Hotline for you to call and get answers to more specific questions or concerns at 520-316-6910.

The SR 347 Overpass will create a bridge over the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR.) Traffic on SR 347 averages more than 31,000 vehicles per day and future (2040) projections show over 60,000 vehicles per day. There are currently 40 to 60 trains per day; the UPRR has plans to expand service, which would increase train traffic upwards of 100 trains per day. Additionally, the Amtrak station is located just east of the intersection and vehicular traffic is routinely delayed for its passenger operations. The completion of the Overpass project will drastically ease traffic congestion and increase safety in the area.